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Smith Metal Works


This company offers multiple types of manufactured bumpers. NOT ALL ARE APPROVED. The following bumpers are approved for all classes, except Windshield Class.  

• Heavy Flat Bumper - $165 approximate cost.

 • Light Flat Bumper - $145 approximate cost

 • Light Flat Bumper with a weld on point. 

The light bumpers are manufactured from 10/11-gauge steel. The heavy bumpers are a 3/16” material. Each of these bumpers are pre-fabricated and have a see-through design. Ends may be capped but must have a 2x2-in. hole for inspection purposes.  

Contact Information:

Call (724) 301-9276 

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Limitless Fab

Mad Mike's Derby Shop

Smith Metal Works


Offers a variety of products. The following are approved for all classes, except Windshield Class.

80's Vic Front Replica (10 gauge) w/ gussets - $180 approximate cost.

80's Vic Front Replica (10 gauge) w/o gussets - $140 approximate cost.

80's Rear Replica (10 gauge) - $120 to $140 approximate cost.

Contact Information

Jed Ramge @ 937-407-4865


Mad Mike's Derby Shop

Mad Mike's Derby Shop

Mad Mike's Derby Shop


Rear Bumper - 1/8-in. hollow with end caps. 

(3.5-inch wide by 7.5-inch tall by 61-inches long).

$100 each.

Contact Mike Difrischia on Facebook.

T&T Derby Parts

Our Goal/Intentions

Mad Mike's Derby Shop


This company is no longer manufacturing parts, but many bumpers are still around. 

The light bumper (10-11 gauge) with weld on point is approved for all classes except FWD Windshield.

4x4x1/4-in. Tubing

Our Goal/Intentions

Our Goal/Intentions


As an economical option. A single piece of 4x4x1/4-in. steel tubing may be used as a FRONT bumper. The tubing must be straight across. No bending or welding of any points, angles or sharp objects. Must be able to see into the ends of bumper. Do not wrap the 4x4x1/4-in. tubing with a factory bumper or bumper skin.

Our Goal/Intentions

Our Goal/Intentions

Our Goal/Intentions

We understand good bumpers are expensive and becoming hard to find. The options listed above are intended to give drivers/builders “low” budget options that are comparable to a factory automotive style bumper. Neither of the manufactured bumper options listed above are expected to be stronger than clean 74-76 Chevy or Chrysler bumper. 

In order to have a manufactured bumper approved, we must talk with the fabricator and see the unit in person.  

Homemade bumpers are not permitted, for the simple fact that most builders cannot follow simple door plate size and spacing rules.  

If you have the capabilities of making an exact replica and we can not tell the difference, then go for it. If we do see a difference, don’t get mad when we tell you to cut it off. This is your one and only warning.